Those were the happiest times of my life. I had found my ideal man and we were preparing our wedding. We would be married in a few days. Far from my mind was the idea that something would happen: I was found a tumor in my left breast and according to the doctors, this would required surgery to be performed right away. It was to no avail to cry, since I had to face the situation. Some friends recommended Master Basurto to my future husband and we went to see him but thinking that there was nothing that could be done since the date of the surgery had been already set. I started treatment with Master Basurto and since the first consultation, I started feeling changes and finally he told me to repeat the tests, which I did and it was a great surprise since there was no need for surgery and I was completely recovered. My fiancÚ and I are most grateful to Master Basurto for giving us an opportunity of living a new stage  in our lives.
Diana G. -Brazil


This is a heartfelt thanks for helping my 6 year old. Her attitude has changed completely. She likes school now. All in one week time. Thanks.
Enzo Petosa. Ontario, Canada


I would like to give my testimony of the healing that I received from Master Basurto. For ten years I had suffered of acute pains on the shoulders, forcing me to take medicines to alleviate the pain. This was affecting my managerial work and I was tired of seeing doctors and clinics and getting no results. While assisting to a social event, I met a friend of a relative, who told me about the treatment received from Master Basurto, who for a happy coincidence, was in Lima at that time. I decided to see him, while thinking "I will try, I have nothing to lose." While trying to explain my health problems to Master Basurto, he already had started my treatment. I remembered that he told me: " You are going to be well and you will not have any more pains or problems." And with the passing of the hours, I started feeling relieved and from then on, my shoulders never bothered me again. Then, I came back to thank him for the healing energy that had renewed me.
Juan Castillo, Peru


When I saw my husband using the Internet to visit the Mystic Healing site, in order to get    peace and relaxation after a long day of work, I felt curiosity and I did it myself. I started      visiting the Gallery of peace because I really needed it, and I truly found serenity and peace
 there,  and I only had to visit a couple of times per day to understand the kindness of the mystic healing art of Oscar Basurto and I decided that I had to write to you and give my testimony.
J. Gonzalez-Venezuela


I am married and we have three children. My husband had-until recently and in his country of origin- a high post in the Police Department, in fact in the section of Drug Control. And it was very traumatizing for us to find out that our oldest son, of hardly 15 years of age, had been in drugs for over two years, without us noticing it, but let me tell you how it happened: One day at the beginning of last year, my son, who had just returned from a party, became very sick, he spoke incoherently, had convulsions and entered into a shock. We took him immediately to the emergency center, where he was detected cerebral damages and where he stayed for a few days. We were told that my son had irreversible brain damages, but they didn't notice that my son had taken ecstasy , a very harmful drug.  My son didn't recover and I appealed to Mr. Basurto since I had heard so much about him and his healing. Although I didn't understand anything on energy or healing, he was my last hope.  He helped us and my son began to recover and to speak and think cohesively. Mr. Basurto also visualized that my son's body was intoxicated and told us for how long my son had been using drugs. I remember that we got very upset with Mr. Basurto at that time, because we thought that he was wrong since it was difficult for us to believe that my son had been on drugs for some time, since he was such a good boy and we had taken good care of him. But my son confessed the sad truth. Mr. Basurto initiated the treatment of my son so he could overcome drugs, to change his drug intoxication and to offer him orientation, so he could recover from the drug situation. I realized that through Mr. Basurto's energy, the body of my son was inner cleaned and that same energy helped him to reject the drugs. All this along with the orientation and guidance that Mr. Basurto was giving to my son, my son was coming along.
 Today and thanks to Mr. Basurto, my son is well of body and mind, completely healed. I want to share this experience and to give testimony of my son's recovery, thanks to Mr. Basurto.

Mirtha Saldarriaga ( Chicago )


I would like to thank Mr. Basurto for all his help in sending me the healing I asked for. Strange as this may seem, I was standing at the kitchen sink when I felt an energy enter my body and take away my pain in my foot. Also I have had a lot of relief from my toxic body.  You are a wonderful person to give so freely.  Namaste and you are in my prayers. Thanks.
From the  Guestbook


Dear Mr. Basurto:
Life has not been easier to me, since I have lived in a rose garden, only that for some reason, I seem to find all the thorns. That is the reason that I have felt unhappy, depressed, frustrated for a long time. I visit your site and I find peace and well being by looking at your images, and feel better for a period of time, but afterwards I go back to my usual negative self. But a very unusual thing happened today that I want to mention to you, I was trying to decide which image to meditate on, when I passed by the Diseases of the Soul gallery and decided to try to meditate on the image of Depression and I could not believe it but, after looking at it for some time, I had many insights like: Depression is a negative force that I carry inside and that hurts me very much and that as you well said, we have to realize these diseases in order to be healed. Well I could take a look at my depressive state, it had a shape, a form, a feeling and it was so incredible to realize this. I kept looking at the image of Depression and for some reason, the energy coming from the image was finding some place inside me and healing it. I would like that you answer me privately but please post this on your website, since this testimony may help others.

From the Guestbook 


I first met Master Basurto some twenty years ago. At that time, my mother had gallbladder problems requiring an urgent surgery, which date had been set. My father had suffered two heart infarctions and had been told by the cardiologist that his health was very fragile.  I remember that when we went to see Master Basurto there were many persons waiting to be seen by him, but he came out and asked that we be allowed to see him first, because he had visualized the serious condition of my mother. It was such a wonderful feeling to see Master Basurto, his transmission of peace and love filled our beings and it was such a unique experience that both my parents and myself were very moved. And they were healed, my mother never had to go through surgery or had any gallbladder problems anymore, and my father seemed like an adolescent. And my parents stayed like this for more than twenty years. But the most important thing is that by being touched by the special energy that Master Basurto transmits, we were filled with an inner joy that guided us to the spiritual search.  Then I took meditation classes with Master Basurto and learned about the process of self knowledge and about the spiritual path. His teachings were deep and they were engraved in my heart and they have been very valuable. They are living and wise teachings and it seems to me that I am still listening to them.
The years passed and I wanted to see him again to thank him for everything that he had done for us and to keep learning from his deep teachings.
Two years ago, I saw Master Basurto again when he was on an international tour and came to Peru. I was suffering from a very deep depression and nervous anorexia by the recent loss of my mother ( due to medical negligence) and on top I was in a pre-cancer state. The meditation that I was doing, which had been taught by Master Basurto, had helped me to find him. He helped me right away and taught me how to take control of my life. This is something that I will never forget. Master Basurto with his integral treatment, made me well. I returned to life. God gave me the opportunity of starting all over again. My youngest sister, who is a very practical individual, did not believe in anyone, she was tired of been treated by physicians one after the other and due to her trachea problems, she had to sleep in a sitting position and she had to take special medications for many years. It was very sad to see her, specially at night time, when she could hardly sleep at all. She was laughing when I took her to see Master Basurto, but after she saw him, she commented that she was feeling as if she had been internally operated and now she sleeps normally and she does not require of any medication.
I can give testimony of my family and of myself about all that Master Basurto has done in our lives. He takes care, not only of the physical health, but also of the soul and the mind, trying to harmonize them. His meditation teachings are very deep and his paintings and digital images are springs of life and windows of the soul .
Ana Julia Chang Ocana ( Peru )


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